So, who are we?

At the branch, we are serious about our pursuit of Jesus, especially in the context of real community. In the Bible, Jesus says that he is the vine and we are the branches - and that apart from him, the abundant life he has for us is beyond our grasp. (john 10:10, 15:5) That's why God makes himself reachable through the person of the Holy Spirit by the death and resurrection of Jesus. Therefore our pursuit of Jesus is central and as followers of him, we recognize our role and need to share and thrive in our faith with others. That's why Jesus prayed for us that we would be one (john 17:21), that we would know real community!


Community is...

essential! Our mission is to be a Holy Spirit-empowered, missional community of students so that we can engage the campus with the gospel of Jesus in order to transform the university, market place and the world.

And that kind of community is intentionally developed - sometimes over lunch at the Ratty or prayer in the dorms; late night karaoke or an oversees missions trip. Core Groups and The Gathering are great entry points for community.


A bit more info

The branch is a local chapter of Chi Alpha Campus Ministries.

Our statement of beliefs can be found here.