The Michaelsons                                                    John & Lynne Michaelson moved to Providence in 2006 to plant The Branch (a ministry of Chi Alpha Campus Ministries) after praying, "God, send us where there is a need." John is the director/lead campus pastor (ordained with the Assemblies of God) and Lynne serves part-time and works as an engineer in Providence. They have two great kids: Grace (9) and Sam (6).                                                             Together, the Michaelsons love to go camping or do anything outdoors or stay in to play with Legos. During the week, if he's not hanging out with students, you're apt to find John in a coffee shop or Mexican restaurant around the Brown or RISD campuses reading about culture, theology, fly-fishing or Michigan football. Lynne favors tea and when she's not doing chemical stuff at work, she is a great, innovative cook. | contact John or Lynne




Lindsay Hsieh                                                    Lindsay and her husband, Kenny, recently moved to Rhode Island and absolutely love it! Both are originally from California and have gotten to travel and live in other places quite a bit. Kenny works in the solar industry and Lindsay is a full time volunteer with the Branch. Before the move to Rhode Island, Lindsay also completed a culinary arts degree and was an urban missionary for several years. Lindsay and Kenny both love cars, being outside, and their cocker spaniel (Toffee). Lindsay loves to cook, travel, paint and get coffee with friends. | contact Lindsay