• Follower of Jesus Christ (is a Christian)
  • Godly Character
  • Recognizes Bible as authoritative rule of faith & conduct
  • Active devotional and prayer life
  • Subscribes to The Branch Statement of Beliefs *
  • Committed to The Branch as primary Christian group on campus
  • Active in Branch core group at least one semester previous
  • Attends Friday Gathering, Core Group, Retreats, Regular mtgs with staff, most events
  • Active Discipleship with The Branch staff
  • Attends local Bible believing church
  • Will be at Brown both Semesters the following year
  • No underage drinking or any marijuana, drug use
  •  Discussion with staff regarding alcohol use**

         * thebranchconnect.com/statementofbeliefs/
                 any questions/disagreement regarding these beliefs should be discussed with staff 
         ** discussion of alcohol use will be conducted during core servant leader interview



- President: primary representative to Brown and lead of Friday gatherings
Attends meetings and serves as student representative of the Branch to Brown UCS, SAO, OAC & Chaplain's Office. Friday gathering lead includes basic flow, working with main speaker & weekly worship team leader for set-up/tear down; delegating emcee, dessert volunteers, greeters, etc. 

- Vice-President: visitor hospitality/follow-up coordinator
This includes keeping the list of new students and helping visitors feel welcomed at all events, helping them get followed up by other students and plugged in to fellowship, fridays and core groups...not just at the beginning of the school-year, but throughout. (Obviously we don't stalk!) The VP coordinates current members to care for new students at the beginning by making sure they don't "fall through the cracks" or "leave thru the back door" we and aware are of any need they may have that we can help. (goes without saying that if they plug into other fellowships, our responsibilities to them shift).

- Secretary: lead communication/social media
In addition to taking minutes with action steps at all leadership meetings, the secretary's new duties include sending the weekly email, updating and posting in The Branch Facebook page (and other social media dubbed necessary?), and updating the website (no programming experience necessary). Working with the VP, keeping the lists of students organized.

- Treasurer: lead of outreach/fellowship/other events
In addition to collecting and dispersing money for retreats, extra events and/or supplies not covered by general fund of The Branch, the treasurer will be leader of organizing events/outreaches/etc. apart from friday gatherings and core groups (The treasurer is NOT solely responsible for devising, designing or coming up with these events but working with a team and others involved in the Branch).

- while each officer has specific duties, there will be much crossover, working together within the officer team and with others input to perform these functions.
- the Branch staff will be part of this team to mentor, instruct and counsel as much as needed. 

Our overall leadership structure is to be more inclusive for decisions in scheduling activities and gatherings, etc. The general idea is those who are active, engaged and agree with the mission of the branch will be eligible to be part of the "servants council."
With that in mind, the officers will be required to be part of the council as well as other outside meetings (internal scheduling and finance and others with Brown UCS, SAO, PAC, Chaplain's Office, etc.)