There is something almost necessary to the college experience of getting off campus to see, feel and learn more... Our hope and prayer is that this retreat will  provide a place us to reach out to God, learn what it looks like to be His disciple and allow Him to position you in leading others as well.

Here are some details...

WHAT: The Branch Leadership Retreat will feature great fellowship, fun, small group discussion and teaching by the staff of the Branch at Brown. (bonfires? weather permitting!) 

WHEN: February 16th-18th. Rides leave late afternoon/early evening on Friday & return lunchtime Sunday (Brown students: no classes on Mon. the 20th).

WHO: Open to 1st-years, Sophomores and Juniors who have been part of the Branch Christian Fellowship this year (Fall Semester). This is for those who want to invest in the vision & direction of the Branch next year (and beyond) in any capacity. Strongly suggested if you want to be a core-group leader.

WHERE: Irons Homestead Camp, Gloucester, RI.

WHY: Growth and connection! Learning about your gifts, growing in being a disciple of Jesus and learning how to help others grow in their relationship with Christ.

COST: $55
$20 deposit due by Jan. 26 (first Gathering of winter semester)--cash or check to "Chi Alpha." (also venmo).  Pay at Friday gathering, core group or email  Lindsay Hsieh or Jason Chan to make other arrangements. *Need-based financial aid available (click "register" for more info)


Responses to common reasons/excuses you wouldn't go:

I'm not a "leader"...
A lot of people feel like that at the beginning of something new. We find many of God's greatest leaders in the Bible felt like that at first--Moses, Gideon, etc. 

Leaders come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with different personality types and gifts. This isn't about "being up front" or "leading" some specific type of ministry in the Branch. Our hope is that this weekend will give you a chance to get some tools and find some direction to figure out where you can lead and help out.  It will also be a great time to connect with others and collaborate in looking forward to what the future of the Branch will look like. 

I need to study...
you don't have classes Monday,
we'll be back early on Sunday,
and there's some down-time on Saturday 

I can't afford it...or I feel weird asking for $ aid...
yes you can. we are trying to make this as easy as possible for you... need-based $ has been set aside for this