Fridays, 7:00pm
85 Waterman #015 (formerly BERT)      

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Fridays are our main worship gathering that include a time of worship music, an engaging message and conversation about how we think about God in college life. The coffee and tea are in ample supply, as are the homemade desserts.

Those are the basics...but you may be wondering about other things since worship gatherings can really vary as can the people who attend them. On a typical Friday night, you'll find students who identify themselves as Christians and grew up attending Sunday church services or Youth Group. You'll also find students who consider themselves healthy skeptics with a general interest in practices of faith on campus. Or none of the above...

You'll hear a 'worship band' strumming acoustic guitars, tapping on a cajon, and maybe playing a violin. There'd be contemporary Christian songs and an old hymn or two. You'll listen to a short talk, 30 minutes or so about topics relevant to campus life and how biblical scripture relates. 

Every week there are familiar and new faces. Some speak up and others stay in the background. Worship services can bring to mind different apprehensions, but we work to facilitate an environment that's full of grace with plenty of breathing room. We want everyone to feel welcomed. And hopefully everyone walks away from the evening with a greater sense of who and why Jesus is who He is.