There is something almost necessary to the college experience of getting off campus to see, feel and learn more... retreats have a way of allowing us permission to unwind for a moment, unconstrained and reach out to God on our own and with others.

Here are some details...

WHAT: The Branch Christian Fellowship Fall Retreat will feature deep worship, great fellowship, fun, epic bonfires, water baptisms, small group discussions and great teaching from Gil & Lindsay Banton, Chi Alpha campus pastors at UConn.

WHEN: October 6th-8th. Rides leave late afternoon/early evening on Friday & return lunchtime Sunday (Brown students: no classes on Mon. the 9th)

WHO: You. EVERYONE is to Brown (or RISD, JW, URI)? new to the Branch? never been to a  Branch event? been a part for 4 years?...all are welcome!!

WHERE: Irons Homestead Camp, Gloucester, RI.

WHY: It should be a highlight of your experience in college. others will be there, God will be there. (ask others who've been to a retreat before.)

COST: $65
Deposit: Due by Oct. 1--cash or check to "Chi Alpha."  Pay at Friday gathering, core group or email Jason Chan to make other arrangements.
Need-based financial aid available (click "register" for more info) 


Responses to common reasons/excuses you wouldn't go:

I don't know anyone in the branch...
you won't be the only one...this is one of the best times to connect with others

I need to study...
you don't have classes monday,
we'll be back early on Sunday,
and there's optional free time on Saturday

I can't afford it...or I feel weird asking for $ aid...
yes you can. we are trying to make this as easy as possible for you... need-based $ has been set aside for this

I'm dead...
if you mean "spiritually" dead, this is a great opportunity to renew and revive!
if you mean actually dead, we can't help you with that