Living life with others is a part of God's design for all of us as we're called to encourage, challenge and carry each other's burdens. And even though life in college is seldom alone – dorms, classes, dining halls, ever growing 'friends' list on facebook – real friendships can be neglected. Core groups are a way to create that space for strong connections to thrive.

Each core group entails a smaller group of people committing to a weekly time to meet and explore their faith together. Scripture and prayer provide the backdrop to have real conversations about life especially as it pertains to the college experience.

People in the early church are recorded in the Bible as having this daily communion with each other. Jesus himself prayed that believers would be 'one just as he is one with God.' Checking out core groups is one way you can walk out that example that's been left for us. And you can invite others too. 

men’s & women's groups coming soon…