• Follower of Jesus Christ (is a Christian)
  • Godly Character
  • Recognizes Bible as authoritative rule of faith & conduct
  • Active devotional and prayer life
  • Subscribes to The Branch Statement of Beliefs *
  • Committed to The Branch as primary Christian group on campus
  • Active in Branch core group at least one semester previous
  • Attends Friday Gathering, Core Group, Retreats, Regular mtgs with staff, most events
  • Active Discipleship with The Branch staff
  • Attends local Bible believing church
  • Will be at Brown both Semesters the following year
  • No underage drinking or any marijuana, drug use
  •  Discussion with staff regarding alcohol use**

* thebranchconnect.com/statementofbeliefs/
         any questions/disagreement regarding these beliefs should be discussed with staff 
 ** discussion of alcohol use will be conducted during core servant leader interview



Core Group Servant Leaders Primary Role:

  • Follow up potential members (especially first 2-3 “impact” weeks)
  • Secure time/location/focus of weekly core group
  • Focus/goals: topical, scripture, book study, outreach, etc.
  • Facilitate weekly core group
  • Prepare (study & prayer)
  • Flow: prayer, worship, study, fellowship, etc.
  • Prepare at least one outreach event/project per semester
  • Regularly connect with core group students outside of core group setting
  • one-on-ones, triads, etc.
  • Participate in on-going staff-led leader training & “resource” group (core leader meetings)